Do you have questions about what it means? What are the costs? What does your facility need?

Can-Trac was just selected by Food Logistics as one of the top 100 software and technology providers for 2013.

Our software provides you with all the functionality and customization you are looking for.

Benefits of Implementing Our Tracking and Traceability System

#1: Lower cost of distribution systems.
#2: Reduce recall expense.
#3: Improve production process and minimize production faults.
#4: Incremental revenue of improved visibility of the supply chain.
#5: Improve production rapidly and reduce the proportion of rejects.
#6: Attain desired level of quality.
#7: Reduce operating cost and improve profitability.
#8: Improve operations and achieve a quantifiable return on investment.
#9: Eliminate batch process errors and reduce wastage.
#10: Improve plant floor operation efficiency.
#11: Reduce inventory costs through the ability to release product immediately.
#12: Ability to immediately recall ANY product sold to ANY customer ANYWHERE.

Mallot Creek

Mallot Creek Strategies Inc. – Enhance your Food Safety Programs

If you are in need of support for your food safety program we have aligned ourselves with Mallot Creek, a like-minded company that specializes in offering customized solutions that address your specific needs. To ensure you are compliant with mandatory traceability and recall requirements, Mallot Creek offers extensive experience with addressing food safety regulatory requirements for small, medium and large sized food and beverage facilities. By ensuring that your food safety programs are comprehensive and linked through traceability systems, you can offer an added level of confidence to your customers over your competition. You also have the additional benefit of proactively addressing deficiencies that can cause costly operation delays due to lack of food safety compliance. For more details regarding Mallot Creek’s services please visit:

Mallot Creek Strategies Inc.

Global Scale Systems

Global Scale Systems

Global Scale Systems brings over 20 years of expertise working with various industries such as chemical products, textile, plastics, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat processing, packaging, food and beverage manufacturing, poultry, custom manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and distribution, wholesale, seafood and various other sectors. Global Scale Systems have established a solution methodology that works for their customers no matter how large or small. Global Scale Systems offer personal interaction, support, unmatched professionalism and service that the customers of today demand. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to our high level of customer satisfaction and to bringing you complete weighing solutions from design conceptions to application. Visit us at:



Can-Trac Technologies was founded to provide some of the most unique and comprehensive traceability and data collection solutions in the market.
By offering software modules, our clients can customize the software to meet their specific needs without wasting money buying features they will never use.

One of the unique features of the Can-Trac iTrace software is we use your existing infrastructure. No need to replace perfectly good scales with new scales as most other companies require.

Can-Trac's iTrace system has been designed with the user in mind. Functions are user friendly with easy to follow screens, and all processes are designed to maximize the efficiency of your staff. Can-Trac Technologies is confident that you, like our other customers, will realize a ROI within 6 to 12 months. We look forward to discussing your needs with you and offering you both solutions and savings.

Awards and Recognition

Selected as on of the top 100 software and technology providers for 2013

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iTrace Platform

This base software platform provides you with the following functions:

  • Customer Profiles: Contact, pricing, shipping, and billing
  • Product profiles: Ingredients, nutrition, description, prices
  • Order: Order entry
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Label and form printing
  • Basic report functions

Additional Modules

Purchase Order Module

To generate purchase orders for materials, ingredients, and packaging supplies.

Receiving Module

Creating the ability to receive materials, ingredients, and packaging materials for traceability and inventory monitoring.

Production Module

The management of data captured at the critical points throughout the production process. Creating the ability to trace all operations required to assemble a product. This module also includes the monitoring of coolers, freezers, smokehouses, and yields and losses.

Recipe Module

Creating the ability to manage procedures and ingredients required to create finished goods requiring recipes.

Finished Goods Module

Providing you full inventory management of all finished products

Retail Store Module

Your facility will have the ability to trace the movement of finished products going to your own retail store or stores.

P.O.S Module

This module provides point of sale capabilities to your retail store or stores.

Reporting Module

The ability to generate the reports required demonstrating the product movement through the plant. The ability to generate the reports required to perform a full recall of a finished product, batch, or product containing an ingredient.

Report Export

Reports can be automatically exported to suppliers and or customer at the discretion of the user with filters to customize the information and time of delivery. This feature will provide suppliers access to the traceability information pertaining to them as collected by the user for use to verify or establish their own traceability protocol.

RFID Module

The ability to capture and manage information related to slaughterhouse activities by recording and tracking of animal RFID tags and tattoo numbers.

Accounting Module

This module provides you with integration of all transaction data with your existing accounting software.


What is traceability?

Food traceability refers to record-keeping systems that provide the ability to identify the path and the history of an animal, food product, or food ingredient through the food supply chain.

Do I have to have a traceability system?

There is no regulation right now that makes it mandatory. There are a number of good reasons to get one before it becomes mandatory. Cost savings, better management of employees and resources, saving time and money in the event of a recall are just a few.

Am I too small an operation for traceability software?

Can-Trac Technologies specializes in small to medium companies. Whether you are a 2 person operation or a 100 person operation, a system can be tailored to your needs.

Will I have to replace a bunch of equipment?

NO, we work with your existing equipment. Can-Trac Technologies is unique in that we can (in most cases) modify your equipment which makes our solutions very affordable.

Do I have to buy everything at once?

NO, Can-Trac Technologies offers individual software modules and we do this for two reasons. First, you can tailor the system to meet your specific needs. Why buy something you won't ever need or use? Second, the system can grow with your operation. This way if you find you need to add a particular function we can just add it to your system.

I currently have an accounting program I use; do I have to use yours?

NO, Can-Trac integrates with your existing software (in most cases).

How long would it take me to do a full recall?

With iTrace software reporting capabilities we can recall ANY product sold to ANY customer immediately.

How much will this cost me?

Prices vary depending on your needs. Our customers have found with implementing iTrace software they have achieved savings that have paid for their systems in a very short period of time. Then their efficiencies actually make them more money.



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